Girl Online:Going Solo Review

Hello Lovelies!

How are you all? I hope you having amazing start to the new year, I know most have gone back to school but I hope we can all keep you spirits up I know its annoying having to go back to school. Anyway back to blogging, the new year and a new post….

I love Girl Online and Girl Online: On tour and now I am in love with Girl Online Going Solo! Penny’s latest journey is amazingly written by Zoe Sugg. I thought that I would give you a quick low down on the book and what I thought of it. I was even lucky enough to pick up one of the signed editions! PS THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK!




Lets start off with the cover of the book, now as I would love to become a graphic designer, book covers amaze me. I feel that the cover really tells the story itself, again I love that they have chosen to stick with the photographs on the front that look like mini polaroids. The orange of the cover gives you a sense of what season this book is set in and the sparks that look like sparklers really give it away thick and fast.

So delving into the characters themselves, I am still in love with Penny. Her character has developed so  much throughout the course of the book and is continuing to grown without fail. Zoe has really made Penny come alive in this book and has let her explore new emotions like a new love interest…! Penny’s adventure in this book really made my heart pound and allowed me to fall in love with her character over and over again.

The book sees the return of best friend Elliot or Wiki, now in the last two books I love Elliot and the third book has made me love him even more. Even though in this book he faces the continuing challenges of his parents unsteady relationship he still manages to bring a smile to my face. Penny and his friendship still shows how close they are even when Elliot disappears, he is always there for Penny throughout her challenges with trying to get over the heart throb that is Noah Flynn.

Now with a new story come new characters, Zoe introduces Posey a young girl who is studying at Madame Laplage School the same school as Megan. Posey is struggling with stage fright so the wonderful Penny offers to help and she introduces Posey to the wonderful Leah Brown too. I really like Posey’s character I find her really interesting as I think she reminds me a little of Penny started out, a little nervous. Also there’s a new guy on the block, Callum, the new love interest of Penny Porter. At first I really didn’t  know what to think about Callum I couldn’t decided whether or not he was trust worthy but the more I read the more I began to think he did like Penny. But from the very start I knew he wasn’t Noah and I am not going to lie… I was always in Noah’s Corner, I always wanted them to be together right from the word go. But Zoe’s new characters offer a new insight into the world of Penny Porter and these wonderful characters help portray these new parts excellently.

In terms of the plot line,  I LOVE IT!! The fact that Penny is off to another part of the country give Zoe another chance to offer Penny new oppitunities and adventurers. The plot itself is gripping with the same underlying love story that started in the first book. Even though the wonderful Noah isn’t around from the start of book 3 I think the love of Penny and Noah  is evident from the  beginning. The story of Penny and Megan’s relationship has finally come to the end that I was hoping for, yes I know that sounds horrid but I always thought that Megan was pulling Penny down but I’m glad Penny finally got the courage to do something about it. And the grand ending will Noah return? All I am going to say is the mystirous Brooklyn Boy will surprize you all, he certainly suprised moi here. Noah and Penny’s relationships is explored throughout the book and the ending of this fantastic novel explains why.

I am still in love with all the characters in the book and if you haven’t read this book yet I definatly recommend it! It’s an easy read for anybody who wants to read this novel. Personally I love the story as a whole, the new characters, the new relationships and old relationship that Zoe has explored in the previous books still continued. This book is a book that I will read again and again and again because that s honestly (hand on my heart) how much I love these books. Penny, Noah, Elliot and all the wonderful characters make me want too read more and continue reading. Zoe has written another winner here.

Abbie xx

2016 – What a Year!

We have nearly reached the end of yet another year, 2016 seemed to have flashed by! There have been so many new experiences and moments in this past year, its been a hard year but I wouldn’t have changed any of it.

My Family have been the most amazing and supportive family ever (like they always are). Throughout the year I have had several meltdowns about things and its been my family that have been there for me. My parents are extraordinary with the support I have and they have achieved so much this year too, I couldn’t be more prouder to call them my parents. I have to mention my little sister who I am so proud off, she has gain so much confidence and achieved tones, I cannot believe how grown up and beautiful she is becoming. I must also mention my grandparents, aunts and uncles who too are the most amazing family ever, they are all there for me and they too have achieved so  much.

This year we also received a new member to our family, as my uncle and aunt had their first child, a beautiful baby daughter.

This year me and my boyfriend reached our year anniversary, which was amazing. I cannot tell you all enough how proud I am of him, he is becoming a incredible young man who I am so proud to say is my boyfriend. He has achieved so much this past year in his studies, and I am sure he will continue ti make me proud. He has been there for me too this year much like my family, I cannot thank him enough for everything he has done.

At the start of 2016 I was still at my old school completing my GCSE’s which I am happy to say I passed all of them in the summer. It’s been  hectic with exams and coursework but it was definable worth it. It was a year of memories for sure, with prom and the year 11 leaving parties etc. Prom was one of the most amazing nights ever celebrating with all my friends, and getting dressed up too. I also moved schools this year which is something I never thought I would be able to achieve because I struggle to make new friends and change isn’t something I like. But I did it and now I am settled into my new school with a new group of friends, meeting new people and challenges every single day.

2016 saw me achieve things I have never achieved before, even the smallest of things like catching two trains only to get to a meal with friends, starting to learn to drive. These things might be small to some but they are big to me. I achieved this blog, right here, I really never thought I would be able to achieve something like this and I am hoping to take this further and have more great content for you guys in the new year. You are all brilliant and I cannot thank you enough for the love you’ve given me as a newbie blogger.

2017 is going to be another fantastic year and I want to wish you all the best. My aim is be more positive in the up and coming year with everything. I want to be more optimistic about things and not worry so much about ‘what if’. I am aiming to try not and over think situations all the time as that is another thing I do a lot of. Sometimes I know that the goals we set ourselves aren’t always achieved but I am going to try my very best to achieve this in 2017! Let me know what is your goals for 2017?

Happy New Year

Abbie xx


Christmas Wrapping

It’s coming to that time now when all that we can think about is wrapping our presents, this year I decided to wrap each of my presents differently depending on who they are for and what they are.

I really liked this idea of brown parcel paper this year which all comes together when you add the red and white string. I saw this last year on a YouTube video by Zoella (in her 24 days of Zoella series which by the way this year I am loving again). Anyway, I thought I would share with you how we decided to wrap gifts this year.

As me and my younger sister currently buy for friends and family together, we both decided that we would try and create something special out wrapping them this year. We thought that we would use brown wrapping paper this year, personally I had seen these on Pinterest and found them so individual. The paper itself wasn’t too expensive which meant that it work really well for both me and my sister.

To make these gifts a bit more personal we decided to decorate them using red string. We managed to get hold of these from IKEA where again the cost wasn’t huge but when we put the presents together it really made them look brilliant. To personalize our presents further we decided to write straight onto  paper in a sharpie.

This is one of my shorter post but I didn’t want to give to much away, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what ideas what your plans are for present wrapping this Christmas

Abbie xx

Christmas Q&A

img_2022It’s finally December 2016! I love Christmas so much, it’s my favorite time of year (if you didn’t already know…)
Anyway as my first  Christmas post I decided that I would do a small Q&A for you all, now these questions are from friends and family so I hope you enjoy.

Q: What do you do to count down the days?

A:  To count down the days until Christmas day I open my advent calendar, unlike most people my family put together my calendar by filling it with chocolate and different treats instead of just having a store brought calendar.

Q: What do you love about Christmas the most

A: Simply everything, honestly I cannot narrow this one down. I love the spirit and festivity of this time of year. I love spending time with my family and friends and I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world.

Q: Favorite Christmas Movie?

A: I really love The Holiday starring Kate Winslet, it’s just a magical film and it reminds me so much of books I read when I was younger. I also really enjoy Mistletoe Under Manhattan, Elf and Mircale on 34th Street

Q: Favorite type of Christmas Activity?

A:  Spending time with family and friends mostly but also spending time with my boyfriend, snuggling up watching movies with hot chocolate and hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

Q: Ideal Christmas Day?

A: For me this would spending the entire day with the people I love my family and my boyfriend. It would spending lunch laughing around the table enjoying a good roast, then spending the afternoon laughing and exchanging presents with one another just a day of love and kindness.

Q: Do you enjoy Christmas present wrapping and purchasing?

A: I really enjoy buying and wrapping resents I make a right deal out of it spending an evening with a movie on wrapping all the presents nicely. This year I am really thinking about going all out with the wrapping (well that’s my plan anyway)

Q: Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

A: Usually on Christmas Eve me and my family would attend the blessing of the crib service at church. But this year I am working on Christmas Eve as it falls on a Saturday…I’m not too worried as I will hopefully be seeing my family later on in the evening. As far as traditions are concerned I guess we usually have a Christmas eve box with PJ’s and a good film with some nibbles.

Q: Do you like Christmas lights?

A: Yes, Yes, Yes… I love Christmas lights whether that be at home or in the city center, they are one of my favorite things about Christmas. I really love going to the switch on with my boyfriend or friends just so I can get into the Christmas spirit.

Abbie xx

November Do’s & Dont’s

Hello lovelies

November November… this year has gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas! Anyway today I thought I would do you all some do’s and don’ts for this November.

  1. Do Moisturise



At this time of year I tend to find my skin gets extremley dry and looks red, however since i have been using the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser religiously my skin hasn’t been so dry and red.

2. Don’t under estimate the cold


Since I’m still at school, I am still used to those early start which in the winter can be the worst. November mornings are going to be so chilly my advice is never leave the house without a coat, trust me you will be thankfully for it if, like me, you have to walk to school.

3. Do make the most of it.


When I say this I mean enjoy November before the busy Christmas period begins. Spend the darker evenings cwtched up inside with a good old film and candles, yes lots of candles.

4. Don’t forget the winter accessories


You cannot forget about the hats, scarfs and gloves this November. Now I abosultely love these now I am going to start wearing these back and forth to school no matter what! You can get really pretty scarfs from places like New Look or Primark.

5. Do try and get some great photos


So this one is alittle belated, but it was bonfire night yesterday, the perfect time for a photo op. Try and capture little things this month, to create memories like no other. (These were photos I took last night at a fireworks display I went to with my boyfriend and his family)

6.Don’t get to down


This is a hard one but try not to get to down about anything. I know that sometimes things don’t always go as planned but remember there is always something better ahead. Just alittle advice for anybody who might be feeling alittle down this Novermber.

7. Do remember the Berry Tones


Currently I am loving wear browns and those autumnal shades on my lids. However, I will definatly be bring in some shimmery shades onto my eye lids as we head into November. Lips wise towards the end of November I can ensure you that the berry tones will be making an appearence.

Abbie xx

Autumn Has Arrived

I absolutely love Autumn and everything that comes with it! Even though I hate the cold and I’m always the one to get cold first, I love the dark mornings and the colder evenings. Even though summer is an amazing time of the year when I get to spend time outside in the sun with my Friends, I feel that Autumn is a time to spend cwtched up indoors with family and friends.

I have to say one of my favourite things about this time of the year is the fashion! I adore bobble hats, I find that they are cute and add something more to an outfit. I purchased mine from Primark this year, so it’s not an expensive one yet it’s still really really nice and warm!! Boots are another one of my favourite Autumn fashion items, around this time of year I am always wearing these with jeans or a skirt and tights.

CANDLES! I am a little obsessed with my candles even when it’s not autumn time. In my room over the coming months will appear more autumn candles. It makes a room so much more cosy when you’ve got candles lit I find. It’s the same with fairy lights, I find they make a room so comfortable when you have fairy lights (perfect for the darker nights and mornings). Talking of comfort, I have to say one of my favourite things about the season is the darker nights where I can stay indoors and watching films. This is one of my absolutely favourite ideas for a date night or even a family night in.

What isn’t there not to love about this season! I cannot wait to pick up pumpkins and start thinking about my designs on them. I love pumpkin carving in October I just find something about it festive. On that note with the mention of pumpkins…HALLOWEEN is nearly upon us and let’s be honest we all know what Halloween is like – watch this space for Halloween Makeup and Costume!

Happy Autumn

Abbie xx

Hello and Goodbye… Changing Schools

I came up with this this blog post idea, it’s not like most of my blogs when I’m talking about beauty or lifestyle. I feel (at this point when I’m writing this post) like I am sitting down just talk to you on a personal basis which I think in some ways makes it an even easier to write. I’ve got my cup of tea and blanket, I am ready to write…

In my currect school I’ve made so many amazing memories. I’ve made friends for life in that school but now I finally feel it’s time for a change! I am not one who like change, in fact I HATE it..but sometimes we all have to leave our comfort bubble.Being in school where I am has made me very happy  (most of the time), don’t get me wrong I’ve had a rocky ride with friendships and people but without it all I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Due to my rocky time, it wasn’t really until this year that I think I truley found life long friends! Sadly we are all taking different paths this year, and I wish everybody the best of luck! (you all know who you are)

I’ve made the decision to leave my current school for the next chapter of my life and for once, I am finally stepping out from my comfort zone. I feel that moving to a different school will help me move forward as a person. I’m looking forward to starting somewhere new but I am so really nervous. I don’t like change and I find sometimes I am too shy for my own good. This decision hasn’t been easy, I’ve spent months thinking about whether I should leave or stay. I’ve spoken to family and friends on their advice but ulimately it’s all my decision.

Starting in this new school, I’m going to make myself promise to not look back on the past. Well… not completely don’t look back, I mean I am going to look back but only at the positive things for me. It’s time to move forwad with my life and try new things and become a happier person generally. I’m taking a risk with this choice as I know it’s going to be hard. I want to try new things, meet new people and have new experiences.

Even though I am moving on, I will not be lossing contact with my currrent school and the people there. I think one of my closest friends who is staying there would track me down if I lost contact with her! My younger sister is also still in the school so I am still going to hear all the gossip and drama going on! If I have any advice for people in a simiular situation it’s this, Do whatever you feel is right, don’t worry what others think or say. At the end of the day, it’s your life and you’ve got to make these choices. Remember this too, if you get to wherever you choice and after a while you decide it’s really not right for you then there are options for you and help for you. Be you and be happy.

I know this wasn’t my usual type of blog post but I thought I would share with you guys my experiences of A-levels and difficult challenges/choices I make. I hope this helps at least one of you.

Abbie xx

Norfolk 2016

For this summer holiday, me and my family ventured out to the wonderful Norfolk for two weeks. I have always found that going away for two weeks is one of the most relaxing and calming things ever. It’s a long drive from our home to the campsite where we were staying but it was honestly one of the nicest caravan sites I’ve been too. The site was peaceful at night and even in the day it wasn’t overally busy. After setting up our pitch (one of the most stressful parts of the holiday might I add) we enjoyed the tranquility and peacefulness of the site.





As for Norfolk itself, I must admit I’ve never known a place as beautiful. The landscape that surrouneded us was like something out of a book, absoultey goregous. We took walks along the river almost ever day within the first week, in Hoveton and Horning. In Horning me and my sister found this outdoor table tennis table, we spent a good 1/2 an hour playing. (I’m definalty not a natural player!) This is one thing I love about going away is the time we get to spend as a family, often at home we are all so busy that it’s nice while we are away to spend time together. One of the most increadabile days out from our time in Norfolk was spending a day on a boat. My dad grew up holidaying on boats and was like a child at christmas when we hired one. My family and my Grandparents spent the day relaxing a chilling out of the boat and having a laugh when something happened. We had amazing weather aswell which made the day twice as increadable – me and my sister even ended up sitting on the back of the boat sun bathing. I would definalty do this again, it was one of the most peaceful things I think I have even done. If any of you visit here or someplace simular it’s worth spending that little extra to go on a boat for the day.

Spending time with my family this summer was brilliant, we ended up in our second week visiting Stow Mill, which was stunning. It had be restored and we were able to look around inside and see what each level would have been used for. Me and my sister also had our childhood memories moments when we decided to attempt to sculpt a boat out of the sand just like our day used to do when we were younger. I think it turned out okay in the end!  We also visited Norwich while we were away, and even though it was pretty simular to Cardiff it was still lovely to go round a look at the beautiful city. Towards the end of our holiday we spent two days on a beach in Horsley. Now there was something quite spectaular about this beach and that was the fact that there was a colony seals there. It was a moment I will never forget seeing the seals becasue they aren’t common. I spent almost an hour taking photos and watching the seals. It was amazing when we were in the sea and the seals would come towards you, they are so inquizative.

These two weeks were amazing, I will never forget them. If you are looking for somewhere to visit for a week or two but you don’t want to go abroad, I would definalty recommend the Norfolk Broads. The Broads are increadible when you drive through, it’s a moment you won’t forget. I think my family will definalty be visiting the borads again. I hope you are all enjoying your summers.

Abbie x


Survival Guide: Long Car Journey



Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and I hope it helps at least one of you. Anyway I thought as it’s August now and most of you are mostly likely going away or have been away. I’m going away and wanted to share with you my packing tips and essentails to survive a long car journey!

My Essentails

  • Phone
  • Headphones
  • I-pod
  • Chargers
  • Sun Glasses
  • Pillow
  • Cosy Socks
  • Magazine/Book/Kobo
  • Pen and Paper

Since I’m spending about 5 hours in the car I’ll need to keep myself busy, so these are just a few of the essentails I’ll be taking with me in the car. I struggle to sleep in the car but I find that having a pillow and cosy socks and clothing make it more relaxing. I also chose to wear comfortable clothes, not jeans or a fancy top. I’ve gone for a pair of leggins and vest top to keep me cool in the car, as it can get warm.

I also like to take some other things in the car like drinks and snacks,this is mainly becasue it keeps me going in the car. I also find that the car journey’s can seem like a lifetime but I find that thinking about the fun at the end of them helps (thats alittle tip for you)

Remember to have fun and relax on your long journey! Enjoy your trip wherever you are going!

Abbie xx


Angry Acne





I was 12 when acne gradually took over my life. I wanted to share with you my story and hopefully help at least one of you out. Everybody deals and suffers with things differently but if this post helps any of you at all then I’m glad. I didn’t have the worst acne in the world but I wanted to share with you how it made me feel and how it affected me.

I think my acne started around when I was 12, at first I thought its a couple of spots everybody gets them right? but they became inflamed and sore, soon my mum began to notice more appearing . To begin with it was mainly across my upper back, along my shoulders but over time it spread to my chest and face. The more I realised that I was getting more and more spots, the more fustrated I became.

At first I went to school thinking it was normal and nobody would think twice about it, I was mostly right not many did think twice about it but there were the few who did. I was called names, some people made jokes about my spots and laughed at me. This made my self confidence lower and I became even futher and futher fustrated with myself. I wouldn’t kick off in school about being made fun of, but my feelings of anger and hurt had to come out somewhere… I became very self-concious and very insercue, because of the acne on my back I wouldn’t buy any clothes that showed off my back or chest. I wouldn’t like getting changed for PE lessons in case somebody pointed out my red- angry spots on my back. I brought makeup to try and hide it. At school I constantly thought are they starring at my spots on my face or do I need to hide more of my spots. I became obessed with my skin, and was convinced nobody liked me becasue my skin was bumpy. Acne truely began to rule my life.

I became an extremly angry person at home, and looking back now I think why did I do that to my family and why did I get so angry. I would find that the tinyest things used to set me off and I didn’t think about my family, I only thought of myself. I don’t know why it made me so angry but I can honestly tell you I hated being so angry with everybody, but the truth was I think I was only ever really angry with myself. 

In the end I ended up getting medical treatment for my acne and tried various different creams and tablets and finally now my skin is beginning to clear. My parents and sister could all see that my acne was getting me down, they helped my so much to gain confidence. I posted a photo on my Instagram last year with the caption, I may not have the perfect skin but that won’t stop me smiling. This was the first time in years that I had posted a photo with no makeup, I was fed up of hiding it to try and please others I finally had the confidence to go bare faced.  (Actually this is one of the only photos I’ve got with my acne without makeup on)

Today I still struggle with my acne on my back, I find it difficult to wear binikins as it shows some of my scarring and spots. Sometimes I’ll wake up and think my back is ichy today. Acne shouldn’t control our lives and I hope anybody suffering with acne can relate to this post. Be happy and never forget you are wonderful no matter what.

Abbie xx