Illamasqua – A visit from a makeup artist

Hello Lovelies,

I’m studying Art AS level in sixth form and we were lucky enough for our teacher to arrange for Debenhams to come into our class and teach us about using makeup. This was going to help us look at portraiture and the face when we are drawing.

Anyway, as somebody who loves makeup this was one of the best opportunity for me. The makeup artist that came in was from the Illamasqua counter, which was a brand I had heard before but knew very little about. They are a British brand and are cruelty free, founded by Julian Kynaston (I believe).

My first thoughts on the products is that they are so pigmented which is amazing. The makeup artist (called Charlotte) did this stunning look on a volunteer based on the Instagram tend that is going around…if you get what I mean. The Illamasqua eye shadows were perfect for this type of look, but I am pretty sure that they would suit even the naturalist of looks.

Now one things that did catch my eye when she was talking about the products was the Re-hydrating Gel ‘Hydra Veil’ which basically is a primer that keeps your skin hydrated when your wearing makeup. This is something that for me, somebody with dry skin is perfect. I was lucky enough to get a small sample and all I will say is it really works! This is definable on my wish list for my next haul!

Illamasqua as a brand is so beautiful, the packaging is very slick and sleek which I always quite like when I am looking at makeup. I was lucky enough to get some photos of these eye shadows which I’m sure you’ll agree look so beautiful.IMG_0072[1].JPG



As for the brow products… I was blown away. Charlotte used a brow gel which was water resistant which is great as living in Wales is bad weather a lot of the time. This was stunning when she applied it and honestly I’m definitely going to give this product a go!

These are just a few of the products that I was lucky enough to see and to look at! I would defiantly recommend looking at this brand, I know I will be going to Debenhams next time I am in town – straight to the Illamasqua counter.

Abbie xx


Deck the Halls



img_20341img_20361img_20351img_20331img_20381img_20401img_20421As we are now in the festive period I have begun to start decorating my room to get in the festive spirit. Now my room as just been re decorated (don’t worry there will be a room tour hopefully in the new year) but I needed some new festive decorations for my room, not tones but just a few new smaller ones. Note to all that when I decorate to get into the festive mood blasting a Christmas playlist is a must!

Where do I start… as you will begin to understand I am mad about Christmas, so mad it fact that I have been nagging my parents about it for weeks since November. We decorated the down stairs with our main Christmas tree, the theme here is purples, browns and gold which ties in well with our living room colours. Also, we have our tiny nativity scene which sits on the bottom of the fireplace. Honestly I love the front room at Christmas, it so festive and cosy.

Elsewhere, we have another tree which is in our kitchen this one doesn’t really have a theme it just has mine and my sister handmade decorations on it and other little cute decorations that don’t fit the main tree’s theme. We also have these lush lights on the house outside.

As for my room I wasn’t able to go all out as I had hoped as having my room done meant that my festive decorations from last year just didn’t look right. However, I do have these two small snow globes that sit on my desk, which get me into the festive mood each morning before school! Also I have my stocking out which are so cute, I love them both so much it just adds that little bit extra to my room.

Do you all decorate your rooms? How do you all decorate your rooms for Christmas?

Abbie xx

Silent Night Pamper Night

During this busy time of year often people forget about relaxing and getting some ‘me’ time into their days. This is one reason why I am writing this post to try, I know full well that I don’t get enough me time but honestly when I do I don’t regret it at all.


To start of my ‘silent night’ pamper session, I find that it begins with setting the mood, which for me is lighting a good Christmas scented candle. I really think that candles offer you a calm and relaxing environment as well as the festive atmosphere. Once the candle is burning I tend to run myself a nice hot steamy bath. I love having a festive bath because I find I can relax more and more.

While relaxing in the bath I tend to watch YouTube or read a book.  If you don’t like to do either then you could just listen to some festive musics (you can’t go wrong by doing that). After the relaxing bath I tend to hop out and jump into some festive PJS, my trick is to warm these up on the radiator before getting into the bath so they are nice and warm after you get out of the bath.

After that I will give myself a small manicure session where I cut and file all my nails so they feel fresh and healthy. I tend to do this when I am snuggled up in bed watching a Christmas film (Elf or The Holiday) and a hot chocolate. Now sometimes this changes depending on whats happening that night but honestly this tend to happen quite a bit during the holiday season.

Abbie xx

November Do’s & Dont’s

Hello lovelies

November November… this year has gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas! Anyway today I thought I would do you all some do’s and don’ts for this November.

  1. Do Moisturise



At this time of year I tend to find my skin gets extremley dry and looks red, however since i have been using the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser religiously my skin hasn’t been so dry and red.

2. Don’t under estimate the cold


Since I’m still at school, I am still used to those early start which in the winter can be the worst. November mornings are going to be so chilly my advice is never leave the house without a coat, trust me you will be thankfully for it if, like me, you have to walk to school.

3. Do make the most of it.


When I say this I mean enjoy November before the busy Christmas period begins. Spend the darker evenings cwtched up inside with a good old film and candles, yes lots of candles.

4. Don’t forget the winter accessories


You cannot forget about the hats, scarfs and gloves this November. Now I abosultely love these now I am going to start wearing these back and forth to school no matter what! You can get really pretty scarfs from places like New Look or Primark.

5. Do try and get some great photos


So this one is alittle belated, but it was bonfire night yesterday, the perfect time for a photo op. Try and capture little things this month, to create memories like no other. (These were photos I took last night at a fireworks display I went to with my boyfriend and his family)

6.Don’t get to down


This is a hard one but try not to get to down about anything. I know that sometimes things don’t always go as planned but remember there is always something better ahead. Just alittle advice for anybody who might be feeling alittle down this Novermber.

7. Do remember the Berry Tones


Currently I am loving wear browns and those autumnal shades on my lids. However, I will definatly be bring in some shimmery shades onto my eye lids as we head into November. Lips wise towards the end of November I can ensure you that the berry tones will be making an appearence.

Abbie xx

Angry Acne





I was 12 when acne gradually took over my life. I wanted to share with you my story and hopefully help at least one of you out. Everybody deals and suffers with things differently but if this post helps any of you at all then I’m glad. I didn’t have the worst acne in the world but I wanted to share with you how it made me feel and how it affected me.

I think my acne started around when I was 12, at first I thought its a couple of spots everybody gets them right? but they became inflamed and sore, soon my mum began to notice more appearing . To begin with it was mainly across my upper back, along my shoulders but over time it spread to my chest and face. The more I realised that I was getting more and more spots, the more fustrated I became.

At first I went to school thinking it was normal and nobody would think twice about it, I was mostly right not many did think twice about it but there were the few who did. I was called names, some people made jokes about my spots and laughed at me. This made my self confidence lower and I became even futher and futher fustrated with myself. I wouldn’t kick off in school about being made fun of, but my feelings of anger and hurt had to come out somewhere… I became very self-concious and very insercue, because of the acne on my back I wouldn’t buy any clothes that showed off my back or chest. I wouldn’t like getting changed for PE lessons in case somebody pointed out my red- angry spots on my back. I brought makeup to try and hide it. At school I constantly thought are they starring at my spots on my face or do I need to hide more of my spots. I became obessed with my skin, and was convinced nobody liked me becasue my skin was bumpy. Acne truely began to rule my life.

I became an extremly angry person at home, and looking back now I think why did I do that to my family and why did I get so angry. I would find that the tinyest things used to set me off and I didn’t think about my family, I only thought of myself. I don’t know why it made me so angry but I can honestly tell you I hated being so angry with everybody, but the truth was I think I was only ever really angry with myself. 

In the end I ended up getting medical treatment for my acne and tried various different creams and tablets and finally now my skin is beginning to clear. My parents and sister could all see that my acne was getting me down, they helped my so much to gain confidence. I posted a photo on my Instagram last year with the caption, I may not have the perfect skin but that won’t stop me smiling. This was the first time in years that I had posted a photo with no makeup, I was fed up of hiding it to try and please others I finally had the confidence to go bare faced.  (Actually this is one of the only photos I’ve got with my acne without makeup on)

Today I still struggle with my acne on my back, I find it difficult to wear binikins as it shows some of my scarring and spots. Sometimes I’ll wake up and think my back is ichy today. Acne shouldn’t control our lives and I hope anybody suffering with acne can relate to this post. Be happy and never forget you are wonderful no matter what.

Abbie xx

Summer Makeup

Hi, hope you are all okay? This week as been absoultely hectic with visits to A&E (I now find myself hobbling around on crutches), trips out to IKEA with family and spending time with my boyfriend. Anyhow…I thought this week as summer holidays are fast approching in the UK, I would share my summer makeup look. Now I will say this at the start…I am in no way shape or form a makeup artist, but I wanted to share with you all what my summer makeup currently looks like.

In the summer I hate wearing heavy foundation so I will mostly only wear conclear to hide any bemilishes. Currently I love using the Smashbox Concealer and the Rimmel wake me up concealer. I will set it with the Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder. To give my skin a slight glow, I sweep the bronzer from my smashbox contour kit. I find it adds alittle warmth to me skin instead of me looking like snow! I also highlight my cheeks using the highlight in the Smashbox Contour Palette too.

As far as eyes/eyebrows are concerned, I use a light brow eyeshadow and the Miss Sporty eye brow pencil to shape my brows (I am still learning so you’ll have to bear with!). On my eyes at the moment I love wearing eye shadows from my Revolution Palette, I love this gold shade I currently have on, I find it brings the green out in my eyes. Instead of a harsh eye liner I use a black eye shadow and smoke it out, so the line not so prominate. The look is finished off with my mascara which is Rimmel.

For lips I tend to wear a natural pink or a nude shade because I feel this time of year isn’t always best for a berry or red lip.

And that’s it… my summer look… this changes sometimes depending on what I’m doing but honestly I really like this look for summer and it’s become my go to look right now. Let me know I’m the comments if you’d like me to do any certain blog posts for you this summer.

Abbie xx

Mini Little Haul

Exams are finally over and I’m glad to say that I’ve finished my compulsory education. Now I’ve started my 10 week summer, one of the first jobs I did was treat myself to a few new items in town. This, I would say, is definalty a mini haul becasue I only brought about 6 items but never the less I thought I would share them with you guys.

I visted the lovely primark first and treated myself to this gorgoues handbag, which was only £10.00. Now, I have been after a new handbag for a while and I thought this one was amazing because even though its small it can still fit alot of my things I need into it. A great little bag for the summer13535997_873799436058594_394246375_nNext, I popped into superdrug and my first point of call was to look at Zoella’s (Zoe Sugg’s) new range – Sweet Inspirations . I really want to get all of her products in this range but I couldn’t afford to buy them all at the time ( but watch this space for a review soon hopefully). I picked up for £6.00 the Life bag in the range. It’s excellent for in my new handbag as it’s flat and can also fit everything I need into it. I’m loving the colours and font used.

13535979_873799386058599_952151066_nI also picked up one of the Tanya Burr Lip glosses in the colour Berry Picking and I love it! For some reason ( I am not sure why) but I mangaed to pick this up for 99p. It’s a goregous colour and its not to dark that I can’t wear it in the summer aswell. I love the lip glosses by Tanya Burr and I will definalty be going back to look at more of her lip glosses soon as.

13480258_873799406058597_999874514_nNow, as I have mentioned before my prom is next week, so a few supplies were required to be picked up. Because I am doing my own makeup for prom, I really needed a new palette. Thanks to one of my besties, who came into shop with me, I ended up buying this palette from Revolution. Now, I’ve never had a palette from Revolution before but this palette (Redemtion Palette Iconic 2) is amazing, I love the colours in here. There’s a range of matte and mettalic. Stay turned for a eye look done with this palette next week.

13530408_873799449391926_62322082_nI also brought from Boots, the Fleur de force lashes by Eylure. I like these lashes as they are very natural but still make my eyes look nice. I have wore these lashes before and they honestly changed the way my eyes looked. These are the Fleur Loves lashes and I would definaltey recommend these to anybody who is looking to find a first pair of lashes.

13522520_873799446058593_1368769631_nFinally, for prom I brought some clips for my hair. I got these from primark for £2.50 and I think they are really pretty and cute. I think for the hairstyle I am going for they will add delicate detail without making it look to over powering. I think these clips would also be great for the summer too, not just for prom.

And that was pretty much my mini haul apart from some cheap sponges I brought to replace some of my older ones. Next weeks blog is going to be huge and I cannot wait for you to read it. Beauty, Hair and Clothing all rolled into one.

Abbie xx

My Makeup Collection

Hiya Guys, Right now my makeup collection isn’t the best if I am being truely honest with you all. Until now I haven’t had the money to buy many products but now that I’m earning some money for a small part time job, I want to try and build up my collection even futher.


Starting off we have the face products. I have my Smashbox photo finish primer – Bemish control. I talked more about this in my last post. I also have my Smashbox high defination concealer which is amazing, I use this with out a foundation and it works just the same. I also have a Rimmel BB cream and the wake me up concealer, both I uses now and again by not all that often.


For powders,blush and contour. I have three at presents, my powder in the Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder which is lovely because I find it doesn’t cake on my skin. My blush trio is the BC Beauty Blush which is excellent for anybody who is looking for a first time blush set. My contour palette is from Smashbox, I love this I got it for my birthday and I’ve fallen in love with it. I definalty recommend!


Eyes and Eyebrows next, and I have one smaller a palette which I brough called Bronze queen, I’ve used it so much that the name has worn off it however, its excellent first pallete for people on a lower buget (it was my first). For mascara I have two the Rimmel Super Cur;er 24hr mascara and the Maybelline Lash sensational, both are a dream and I’ve used both equally and they really are two of my top mascara’s at the moment. Finally, for my eyebrows I am using the Miss Sporty eye brow pencil in the colour 002 brown. I find that this is a great first eye brow pencil for anybody wanting to start off wearing makeup.


Finally for the lips. Now I really don’t have a certain colour for my lips that I normally go for. Right now my collection is small and I have got two Tanya Burr lipglosses, one from her christmas range sugar and spice, while the other is from her first collection and is a redish tone called Vampire kiss. I wera the sugar and spice gloss on a daliy bases while the vampire kiss I occasionally wear on a night out. I have two Lip sticks right now, I have a coral one from W7 called peach blossom, I brought for summer last year and loved it by now I’m not a huge fan. And the other is a smashbox lipstick in the colour posy pink and this is a go to for me. It’s a natural colour and great if I’m looking for a pinky lip on an evening out.

So there you have it, my current collection at the moment not the biggests but I am hoping to get more product to try, review and add to my collection.

Abbie xxx