Hi, My name is Abbie Louise and I’m 17 years old. For a long time I have been reading and enjoying blogs but it hasn’t been since recently that I decided I really wanted to give it my best shot.

So, one night I was sat at home and decided to attempt to set up my own blog. I’ve read blogs like Zoella’s and I was inspired to try and gain confidence through a blog.I want to inspire more young people to start blogging and become more confident. That is pretty much the story of how The Abbie Louise Site became an actual thing.

I’m a fairly new blogger, however, I’ve always loved taking photographs recording memories and writing, and I thought this is one of the perfect ways to do it. I’m not the best blogger but hopefully with time I can get better.

You will learn as time moves on that I love seasons! Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter will feature a lot in my posts. Anything seasonal or festive I adore.

As time goes on hopefully I can add more to the ‘about me’ section of the page.

Abbie xx