Illamasqua – A visit from a makeup artist

Hello Lovelies,

I’m studying Art AS level in sixth form and we were lucky enough for our teacher to arrange for Debenhams to come into our class and teach us about using makeup. This was going to help us look at portraiture and the face when we are drawing.

Anyway, as somebody who loves makeup this was one of the best opportunity for me. The makeup artist that came in was from the Illamasqua counter, which was a brand I had heard before but knew very little about. They are a British brand and are cruelty free, founded by Julian Kynaston (I believe).

My first thoughts on the products is that they are so pigmented which is amazing. The makeup artist (called Charlotte) did this stunning look on a volunteer based on the Instagram tend that is going around…if you get what I mean. The Illamasqua eye shadows were perfect for this type of look, but I am pretty sure that they would suit even the naturalist of looks.

Now one things that did catch my eye when she was talking about the products was the Re-hydrating Gel ‘Hydra Veil’ which basically is a primer that keeps your skin hydrated when your wearing makeup. This is something that for me, somebody with dry skin is perfect. I was lucky enough to get a small sample and all I will say is it really works! This is definable on my wish list for my next haul!

Illamasqua as a brand is so beautiful, the packaging is very slick and sleek which I always quite like when I am looking at makeup. I was lucky enough to get some photos of these eye shadows which I’m sure you’ll agree look so beautiful.IMG_0072[1].JPG



As for the brow products… I was blown away. Charlotte used a brow gel which was water resistant which is great as living in Wales is bad weather a lot of the time. This was stunning when she applied it and honestly I’m definitely going to give this product a go!

These are just a few of the products that I was lucky enough to see and to look at! I would defiantly recommend looking at this brand, I know I will be going to Debenhams next time I am in town – straight to the Illamasqua counter.

Abbie xx



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