Girl Online:Going Solo Review

Hello Lovelies!

How are you all? I hope you having amazing start to the new year, I know most have gone back to school but I hope we can all keep you spirits up I know its annoying having to go back to school. Anyway back to blogging, the new year and a new post….

I love Girl Online and Girl Online: On tour and now I am in love with Girl Online Going Solo! Penny’s latest journey is amazingly written by Zoe Sugg. I thought that I would give you a quick low down on the book and what I thought of it. I was even lucky enough to pick up one of the signed editions! PS THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS DON’T READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE BOOK!




Lets start off with the cover of the book, now as I would love to become a graphic designer, book covers amaze me. I feel that the cover really tells the story itself, again I love that they have chosen to stick with the photographs on the front that look like mini polaroids. The orange of the cover gives you a sense of what season this book is set in and the sparks that look like sparklers really give it away thick and fast.

So delving into the characters themselves, I am still in love with Penny. Her character has developed so  much throughout the course of the book and is continuing to grown without fail. Zoe has really made Penny come alive in this book and has let her explore new emotions like a new love interest…! Penny’s adventure in this book really made my heart pound and allowed me to fall in love with her character over and over again.

The book sees the return of best friend Elliot or Wiki, now in the last two books I love Elliot and the third book has made me love him even more. Even though in this book he faces the continuing challenges of his parents unsteady relationship he still manages to bring a smile to my face. Penny and his friendship still shows how close they are even when Elliot disappears, he is always there for Penny throughout her challenges with trying to get over the heart throb that is Noah Flynn.

Now with a new story come new characters, Zoe introduces Posey a young girl who is studying at Madame Laplage School the same school as Megan. Posey is struggling with stage fright so the wonderful Penny offers to help and she introduces Posey to the wonderful Leah Brown too. I really like Posey’s character I find her really interesting as I think she reminds me a little of Penny started out, a little nervous. Also there’s a new guy on the block, Callum, the new love interest of Penny Porter. At first I really didn’t  know what to think about Callum I couldn’t decided whether or not he was trust worthy but the more I read the more I began to think he did like Penny. But from the very start I knew he wasn’t Noah and I am not going to lie… I was always in Noah’s Corner, I always wanted them to be together right from the word go. But Zoe’s new characters offer a new insight into the world of Penny Porter and these wonderful characters help portray these new parts excellently.

In terms of the plot line,  I LOVE IT!! The fact that Penny is off to another part of the country give Zoe another chance to offer Penny new oppitunities and adventurers. The plot itself is gripping with the same underlying love story that started in the first book. Even though the wonderful Noah isn’t around from the start of book 3 I think the love of Penny and Noah  is evident from the  beginning. The story of Penny and Megan’s relationship has finally come to the end that I was hoping for, yes I know that sounds horrid but I always thought that Megan was pulling Penny down but I’m glad Penny finally got the courage to do something about it. And the grand ending will Noah return? All I am going to say is the mystirous Brooklyn Boy will surprize you all, he certainly suprised moi here. Noah and Penny’s relationships is explored throughout the book and the ending of this fantastic novel explains why.

I am still in love with all the characters in the book and if you haven’t read this book yet I definatly recommend it! It’s an easy read for anybody who wants to read this novel. Personally I love the story as a whole, the new characters, the new relationships and old relationship that Zoe has explored in the previous books still continued. This book is a book that I will read again and again and again because that s honestly (hand on my heart) how much I love these books. Penny, Noah, Elliot and all the wonderful characters make me want too read more and continue reading. Zoe has written another winner here.

Abbie xx