Christmas Wrapping

It’s coming to that time now when all that we can think about is wrapping our presents, this year I decided to wrap each of my presents differently depending on who they are for and what they are.

I really liked this idea of brown parcel paper this year which all comes together when you add the red and white string. I saw this last year on a YouTube video by Zoella (in her 24 days of Zoella series which by the way this year I am loving again). Anyway, I thought I would share with you how we decided to wrap gifts this year.

As me and my younger sister currently buy for friends and family together, we both decided that we would try and create something special out wrapping them this year. We thought that we would use brown wrapping paper this year, personally I had seen these on Pinterest and found them so individual. The paper itself wasn’t too expensive which meant that it work really well for both me and my sister.

To make these gifts a bit more personal we decided to decorate them using red string. We managed to get hold of these from IKEA where again the cost wasn’t huge but when we put the presents together it really made them look brilliant. To personalize our presents further we decided to write straight onto  paper in a sharpie.

This is one of my shorter post but I didn’t want to give to much away, I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what ideas what your plans are for present wrapping this Christmas

Abbie xx


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