Deck the Halls



img_20341img_20361img_20351img_20331img_20381img_20401img_20421As we are now in the festive period I have begun to start decorating my room to get in the festive spirit. Now my room as just been re decorated (don’t worry there will be a room tour hopefully in the new year) but I needed some new festive decorations for my room, not tones but just a few new smaller ones. Note to all that when I decorate to get into the festive mood blasting a Christmas playlist is a must!

Where do I start… as you will begin to understand I am mad about Christmas, so mad it fact that I have been nagging my parents about it for weeks since November. We decorated the down stairs with our main Christmas tree, the theme here is purples, browns and gold which ties in well with our living room colours. Also, we have our tiny nativity scene which sits on the bottom of the fireplace. Honestly I love the front room at Christmas, it so festive and cosy.

Elsewhere, we have another tree which is in our kitchen this one doesn’t really have a theme it just has mine and my sister handmade decorations on it and other little cute decorations that don’t fit the main tree’s theme. We also have these lush lights on the house outside.

As for my room I wasn’t able to go all out as I had hoped as having my room done meant that my festive decorations from last year just didn’t look right. However, I do have these two small snow globes that sit on my desk, which get me into the festive mood each morning before school! Also I have my stocking out which are so cute, I love them both so much it just adds that little bit extra to my room.

Do you all decorate your rooms? How do you all decorate your rooms for Christmas?

Abbie xx


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