Silent Night Pamper Night

During this busy time of year often people forget about relaxing and getting some ‘me’ time into their days. This is one reason why I am writing this post to try, I know full well that I don’t get enough me time but honestly when I do I don’t regret it at all.


To start of my ‘silent night’ pamper session, I find that it begins with setting the mood, which for me is lighting a good Christmas scented candle. I really think that candles offer you a calm and relaxing environment as well as the festive atmosphere. Once the candle is burning I tend to run myself a nice hot steamy bath. I love having a festive bath because I find I can relax more and more.

While relaxing in the bath I tend to watch YouTube or read a book.  If you don’t like to do either then you could just listen to some festive musics (you can’t go wrong by doing that). After the relaxing bath I tend to hop out and jump into some festive PJS, my trick is to warm these up on the radiator before getting into the bath so they are nice and warm after you get out of the bath.

After that I will give myself a small manicure session where I cut and file all my nails so they feel fresh and healthy. I tend to do this when I am snuggled up in bed watching a Christmas film (Elf or The Holiday) and a hot chocolate. Now sometimes this changes depending on whats happening that night but honestly this tend to happen quite a bit during the holiday season.

Abbie xx


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