November Update


So back with the updates, this months so far has been insane. It my boyfriends 18th Birthday and starting to get ready for Christmas along with all the school work there is lots to update you all on.

Shall we start with school work, yeah my exams are coming up in January which does both me as I want to do well so I suppose over the Christmas break I wil be spending time revising for my mocks. But apart from that I am pretty much enjoying my A- Levels I am sure that I will change my mind later on in the year but that’s what this post are for to keep you guys updated!

In other news, it was my boyfriends 18th Birthday on Friday which is crazy, he seemed to have a really good day which I am so glad about. I am happy that I got to celebrate it with him, he deserved a good celebration. I won’t go into to much detail but if you want to give him a belated birthday present go over and check out his blog… yes my boyfriend has a blog,

In terms of getting ready for Christmas, I am currently writing up my schedule for post and writing my post, I am planning on uploading more than once a week throughout December so expect lots of Christmas posts. I have even done a bit of shopping already (i know I’m actually organized for once!)

Anyway, as far as I consider myself I am good this year has flown by but I’ve loved every single minute of it. Ive made new friends, fresh starts and New beginnings.

Happy November

Abbie xx



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