Get Ready this December…


So you might have noticed that lately, my post haven’t been as frequent as I had wanted. But you will hopefully be glad to know that this December I will be posting frequently as I have been writing so many Christmas-y post for you.

Now I’m not get 100% sure when all these post will be going up but I think its safe to say we are looking at 2 a week! I’m so excited for you all to read these post, so get excited for this Christmas.

Let me know what your favourite thing about Christmas is? For me it has to spending all the time with my family and friends

Bring on December…

Abbie xx

November Update


So back with the updates, this months so far has been insane. It my boyfriends 18th Birthday and starting to get ready for Christmas along with all the school work there is lots to update you all on.

Shall we start with school work, yeah my exams are coming up in January which does both me as I want to do well so I suppose over the Christmas break I wil be spending time revising for my mocks. But apart from that I am pretty much enjoying my A- Levels I am sure that I will change my mind later on in the year but that’s what this post are for to keep you guys updated!

In other news, it was my boyfriends 18th Birthday on Friday which is crazy, he seemed to have a really good day which I am so glad about. I am happy that I got to celebrate it with him, he deserved a good celebration. I won’t go into to much detail but if you want to give him a belated birthday present go over and check out his blog… yes my boyfriend has a blog,

In terms of getting ready for Christmas, I am currently writing up my schedule for post and writing my post, I am planning on uploading more than once a week throughout December so expect lots of Christmas posts. I have even done a bit of shopping already (i know I’m actually organized for once!)

Anyway, as far as I consider myself I am good this year has flown by but I’ve loved every single minute of it. Ive made new friends, fresh starts and New beginnings.

Happy November

Abbie xx



We know what happened, we know where and when, we feel different when we think about it. We think about things that ought to be thought about, the things that we cannot forget. Time continues while we stop and remember, times, dates, places, names. Phrases like brave swam our heads as we remember. Whether we are young or old, we think, we feel, we act. Silence is held while we show respect no matter what we are doing. In those minutes we stop we remember all, all we’ve been told and heard. Seeing the symbols around the room fills heads with respect, a reminder of what happened and why we live the life we do. Remember.


This post is different from the normal things that I post about and honestly next week’s post will be different but I felt compelled to write this. I thought it was important to me this week and to others that I right this.

Abbie xx

November Do’s & Dont’s

Hello lovelies

November November… this year has gone by so fast. I can’t believe that it’s almost Christmas! Anyway today I thought I would do you all some do’s and don’ts for this November.

  1. Do Moisturise



At this time of year I tend to find my skin gets extremley dry and looks red, however since i have been using the Freederm Perfecting Moisturiser religiously my skin hasn’t been so dry and red.

2. Don’t under estimate the cold


Since I’m still at school, I am still used to those early start which in the winter can be the worst. November mornings are going to be so chilly my advice is never leave the house without a coat, trust me you will be thankfully for it if, like me, you have to walk to school.

3. Do make the most of it.


When I say this I mean enjoy November before the busy Christmas period begins. Spend the darker evenings cwtched up inside with a good old film and candles, yes lots of candles.

4. Don’t forget the winter accessories


You cannot forget about the hats, scarfs and gloves this November. Now I abosultely love these now I am going to start wearing these back and forth to school no matter what! You can get really pretty scarfs from places like New Look or Primark.

5. Do try and get some great photos


So this one is alittle belated, but it was bonfire night yesterday, the perfect time for a photo op. Try and capture little things this month, to create memories like no other. (These were photos I took last night at a fireworks display I went to with my boyfriend and his family)

6.Don’t get to down


This is a hard one but try not to get to down about anything. I know that sometimes things don’t always go as planned but remember there is always something better ahead. Just alittle advice for anybody who might be feeling alittle down this Novermber.

7. Do remember the Berry Tones


Currently I am loving wear browns and those autumnal shades on my lids. However, I will definatly be bring in some shimmery shades onto my eye lids as we head into November. Lips wise towards the end of November I can ensure you that the berry tones will be making an appearence.

Abbie xx

A Belated Halloween





Halloween has just passed for another year, I cannot believe how fast this year is going! Anyway this year I have felt like halloween really and truely has spread out over an entire weekend. Halloween for me has never really be a big deal but with a change of schools and this idea in my head to try new things I went for it!

Pumpkins! Eventhough I have never really been a fan of Halloween, I think ever since I was able to I have done pumpkin carving. This year I attempted to recreate Tinkerbell, I found a template on google and used it to help stencil out my design. Then comes the tricky part… I spend a good 15 – 20 minutes using various things to to carve out my Tinkerbell, I’m not going to mention the amount of times I almost cut myself with the sharp knife. (NOTEĀ  don’t use a sharp knife without an adult)! Eventually, I managed to create the Tinkerbell pumpkin along with a minnie mouse one too.

Speaking of Tinkerbell, I decided to dress up as Tinkerbell, I know this isn’t actaully your scariest costume but I thought it was cute and that it simple. I hired a costume from this fancy dresss warehouse called Script & Screen. I curled my hair as I wanted Tink to be alittle more glam like the makeup I did. I also went as a Cat another night – again this was pretty simple but it was easy to achieve a balck skirt, top and jacket with a pair of warm tights. Not to mention the cat ears from Claires I believe. (Which I have no photos of…sad face)

As for October 31st itself, I spent this with my boyfriend and his friends. We had a fire and marshmallows outside. I thought this was a really good way to enjoy halloween espeically at the ages we are now. It was chilled and just wonderful, I can’t believe I never thought about doing it before. This is definaltley an idea for those of us who don’t like the scary things!

Happy Belated Halloween


Abbie xx