Angry Acne





I was 12 when acne gradually took over my life. I wanted to share with you my story and hopefully help at least one of you out. Everybody deals and suffers with things differently but if this post helps any of you at all then I’m glad. I didn’t have the worst acne in the world but I wanted to share with you how it made me feel and how it affected me.

I think my acne started around when I was 12, at first I thought its a couple of spots everybody gets them right? but they became inflamed and sore, soon my mum began to notice more appearing . To begin with it was mainly across my upper back, along my shoulders but over time it spread to my chest and face. The more I realised that I was getting more and more spots, the more fustrated I became.

At first I went to school thinking it was normal and nobody would think twice about it, I was mostly right not many did think twice about it but there were the few who did. I was called names, some people made jokes about my spots and laughed at me. This made my self confidence lower and I became even futher and futher fustrated with myself. I wouldn’t kick off in school about being made fun of, but my feelings of anger and hurt had to come out somewhere… I became very self-concious and very insercue, because of the acne on my back I wouldn’t buy any clothes that showed off my back or chest. I wouldn’t like getting changed for PE lessons in case somebody pointed out my red- angry spots on my back. I brought makeup to try and hide it. At school I constantly thought are they starring at my spots on my face or do I need to hide more of my spots. I became obessed with my skin, and was convinced nobody liked me becasue my skin was bumpy. Acne truely began to rule my life.

I became an extremly angry person at home, and looking back now I think why did I do that to my family and why did I get so angry. I would find that the tinyest things used to set me off and I didn’t think about my family, I only thought of myself. I don’t know why it made me so angry but I can honestly tell you I hated being so angry with everybody, but the truth was I think I was only ever really angry with myself. 

In the end I ended up getting medical treatment for my acne and tried various different creams and tablets and finally now my skin is beginning to clear. My parents and sister could all see that my acne was getting me down, they helped my so much to gain confidence. I posted a photo on my Instagram last year with the caption, I may not have the perfect skin but that won’t stop me smiling. This was the first time in years that I had posted a photo with no makeup, I was fed up of hiding it to try and please others I finally had the confidence to go bare faced.  (Actually this is one of the only photos I’ve got with my acne without makeup on)

Today I still struggle with my acne on my back, I find it difficult to wear binikins as it shows some of my scarring and spots. Sometimes I’ll wake up and think my back is ichy today. Acne shouldn’t control our lives and I hope anybody suffering with acne can relate to this post. Be happy and never forget you are wonderful no matter what.

Abbie xx

What’s In My Bag | Summer Edition

What is this weather we are having?! I’ve spent so much time in short which living in the UK is very rare. Last weekend I spent alot of time out and it occured to me that I have a lot of different things in my handbag and I thought I would share them with you. This is my summer edition becasue I noticed that I carry different things around with me depending on the season…which I hadn’t noticed before.






To start off my bag is from Primark and has featured in one of my blog posts before. It’s very compact which is great espiecally in the summer becasue it means I’m not carrying around tones of useless stuff. I have my essentials, my phone, my Ipod, my keys and my wallet, let’s face it everybody has these on them all the time theses days (espically now with Pokemon go – which I am obessed with). I also have my Zoella ‘Life Is Sweet’ bag whch has also made an appreances in a previous blog of mine. Inside this I’ve got some lip balm, bobbles, hair grips, small perfume, and a small nail file. I also have my deodurant to keep me smelling fresh.

Moving on in my bag I’ve also got my Kobo which I had for my birthday. I love having this in my handbag becasue honestly no matter where I am, if I’ve got a few spare minutes i can read some of my book. I also keep this little jornal in my bag, I don’t know where this is from becasue it was a gift. But I keep it to write little blog ideas or anything really. ( You can ask anybody close to me and they will say that I use this to doddle which is true also!)

I hope your all having an amazing summer so far.. it’s 3 weeks now before I go away on my family holiday to Norfolk, hopefully I will get you some blog post to go up while I am away. I’m praying that I can take some amazing photos so I can write you a blog post all about it. Let me know if your going away this summer and where.

Abbie xx

Summer Makeup

Hi, hope you are all okay? This week as been absoultely hectic with visits to A&E (I now find myself hobbling around on crutches), trips out to IKEA with family and spending time with my boyfriend. Anyhow…I thought this week as summer holidays are fast approching in the UK, I would share my summer makeup look. Now I will say this at the start…I am in no way shape or form a makeup artist, but I wanted to share with you all what my summer makeup currently looks like.

In the summer I hate wearing heavy foundation so I will mostly only wear conclear to hide any bemilishes. Currently I love using the Smashbox Concealer and the Rimmel wake me up concealer. I will set it with the Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder. To give my skin a slight glow, I sweep the bronzer from my smashbox contour kit. I find it adds alittle warmth to me skin instead of me looking like snow! I also highlight my cheeks using the highlight in the Smashbox Contour Palette too.

As far as eyes/eyebrows are concerned, I use a light brow eyeshadow and the Miss Sporty eye brow pencil to shape my brows (I am still learning so you’ll have to bear with!). On my eyes at the moment I love wearing eye shadows from my Revolution Palette, I love this gold shade I currently have on, I find it brings the green out in my eyes. Instead of a harsh eye liner I use a black eye shadow and smoke it out, so the line not so prominate. The look is finished off with my mascara which is Rimmel.

For lips I tend to wear a natural pink or a nude shade because I feel this time of year isn’t always best for a berry or red lip.

And that’s it… my summer look… this changes sometimes depending on what I’m doing but honestly I really like this look for summer and it’s become my go to look right now. Let me know I’m the comments if you’d like me to do any certain blog posts for you this summer.

Abbie xx

Books and Beauty

13643937_881873658584505_1595430699_nI absoultly love reading and I always have done ever since I was little. I cannot remember a time when I wasn’t reading. You’ve probalaly thinking why is the title of this blog ‘books and beauty’? Well, I thought that most of my makeup and hair inspiration have come from book characters and I thought that I would share with you some of the book I love and why!

Alert: I hope that there is no spoiliers in this post, I will try and keep them to a minimum but I cannot promise you!

  1. The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare


I am a huge fan of the mortal instruments series, so much so that I have learnt to draw all the runes (read the books to find out what these are). Anyway, Clary Fray is one of my favorutie characters of all time, the way she is described is increable she is so beautiful. I would definalty recommend these books to anybody with a love of fanasty and adventure.Also, Isabelle Lightwood, Is another inspiration for my makeup she’s extremly pretty and just generally amazing.

2. Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer


Now Im sure most have you have either read or seen the movies but I have to say personally I think the books are better than the movies. Bella Swan is where I got some inspiration for my makeup look I wear to school, she is defianlty a charcater whose looks I have used to base makeup looks around with minimal makeup.

3. Girl Online & Girl Online:On Tour by Zoe Sugg


I fell head over heels in love with the character Penny and her autumn hair! I actually loved the decription of her hair and used it to inspire me to create a wavy hair look. Can I just say as well I am super super excited for Girl Online Going Solo (I’m about to pre order one online) FAN GIRL MOMENT: I absoulty love Zoella and her books I think they are absoute inspiration, I cannot wait to find out whats happening with Penny and Noah. The release cannot come fast enough.

4. Trylle Trilogy by Amanda Hocking


Now, I starting reading these when I was about 14 and I instantly became obessed witht the character of Wendy who I have to say must be one of the most loving charcater you will ever read about. Throughout Switched, Torn and Ascend, she was one of the most amazing and lovable characters. With Wendy I simply wanted to say that I use her (like all the other characters I’ve talked about) as a role model becasue I feel beauty starts with craing and kindness.

I know that I only have 4 books and I hope to do some many more in the future. Hope you’ve having an amazing summer!

Abbie xx

A Quick Little Something…

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I wanted to let you know that you can now follow my blog using Bloglovin! I cannot wait for you all to read my up and coming blog posts I’m getting really excited for them all to come out! I know this is a mid – week post but don’t worry my regular blog will be live this Sunday as well!

I hope you are all enjoying your summers so far or if you not off for summer then enjoying life anyway. Get ready for the up and coming post.

Abbie xx

My Prom Night

Thursday 30th June 2016…my prom. I have been so excited for my prom since the start of my final year. For months on end me and my friends have been planning our prom night, there have been a few hiccups along the way but its been amazing fun getting everything ready.




A few months back I brought this dress from Quiz for I think around £64.00. Now I absoultly love Quiz and I think that its an amazing shop, esspiecally for prom. I went for this short white dress with silver detailing around the wasit becasue I thought it was simple and elegant. I love the idea of being able to feel like a princess in my prom stuff. I also had this clutch from Dorothy Perkins and it fabulous it’s big enough to fit everything in but it’s not big (if that make sense!).

For prom I also thought I would wear some ‘princess’s’ type shoes, so me, my mum and my nan all went into Outfit, and brought these shoes from the Dorthy perkins section. They are goregous! While we were there I also got this cluth, I think it matches the dress perfectly and I think I makes the outfit come together.

Now, becasue I wanted my hair to look stunning, I booked for my hair to be done by my hairdresser and I think she did an amazing job. I went for curls as I think they flatter my face shape, but we added some volume to the top to and something different to the look. I also had these clips I brought put in to add some extra wow. I completed my look with a smokey eye look. I thought that my makeup was extremly nautral and suited the look entirely. I used my Revolution Palette, my fleur De force lashes, smashbox lipstick in posy pink and so many more products, to many for me to list right now.


I had an amazing time at prom and I wouldn’t have changed any of it for the world.I loved dancing with my friends and having a laugh before we all split off and go our final ways. I will never forget a single think from that night. Prom night was definalty turned out better than expected and I think everybody who went had the most amazing time! You get a sensational feeling when your having fun with all your friends and your all dressed up, it’s one of the happiest moments of my life yet.

If any of you are having doubts on wheather to attend prom or not… my advice to you is don’t miss it! It is one of the most important nights of your life, you will enjoy it even if you have the most friends in the world or not.

Prom was the best, and one of the best part for me was having my boyfriend drop me off at prom, even though he couldn’t come it still made me feel like he was there with me.

Abbie xx