Mini Little Haul

Exams are finally over and I’m glad to say that I’ve finished my compulsory education. Now I’ve started my 10 week summer, one of the first jobs I did was treat myself to a few new items in town. This, I would say, is definalty a mini haul becasue I only brought about 6 items but never the less I thought I would share them with you guys.

I visted the lovely primark first and treated myself to this gorgoues handbag, which was only £10.00. Now, I have been after a new handbag for a while and I thought this one was amazing because even though its small it can still fit alot of my things I need into it. A great little bag for the summer13535997_873799436058594_394246375_nNext, I popped into superdrug and my first point of call was to look at Zoella’s (Zoe Sugg’s) new range – Sweet Inspirations . I really want to get all of her products in this range but I couldn’t afford to buy them all at the time ( but watch this space for a review soon hopefully). I picked up for £6.00 the Life bag in the range. It’s excellent for in my new handbag as it’s flat and can also fit everything I need into it. I’m loving the colours and font used.

13535979_873799386058599_952151066_nI also picked up one of the Tanya Burr Lip glosses in the colour Berry Picking and I love it! For some reason ( I am not sure why) but I mangaed to pick this up for 99p. It’s a goregous colour and its not to dark that I can’t wear it in the summer aswell. I love the lip glosses by Tanya Burr and I will definalty be going back to look at more of her lip glosses soon as.

13480258_873799406058597_999874514_nNow, as I have mentioned before my prom is next week, so a few supplies were required to be picked up. Because I am doing my own makeup for prom, I really needed a new palette. Thanks to one of my besties, who came into shop with me, I ended up buying this palette from Revolution. Now, I’ve never had a palette from Revolution before but this palette (Redemtion Palette Iconic 2) is amazing, I love the colours in here. There’s a range of matte and mettalic. Stay turned for a eye look done with this palette next week.

13530408_873799449391926_62322082_nI also brought from Boots, the Fleur de force lashes by Eylure. I like these lashes as they are very natural but still make my eyes look nice. I have wore these lashes before and they honestly changed the way my eyes looked. These are the Fleur Loves lashes and I would definaltey recommend these to anybody who is looking to find a first pair of lashes.

13522520_873799446058593_1368769631_nFinally, for prom I brought some clips for my hair. I got these from primark for £2.50 and I think they are really pretty and cute. I think for the hairstyle I am going for they will add delicate detail without making it look to over powering. I think these clips would also be great for the summer too, not just for prom.

And that was pretty much my mini haul apart from some cheap sponges I brought to replace some of my older ones. Next weeks blog is going to be huge and I cannot wait for you to read it. Beauty, Hair and Clothing all rolled into one.

Abbie xx

My Makeup Collection

Hiya Guys, Right now my makeup collection isn’t the best if I am being truely honest with you all. Until now I haven’t had the money to buy many products but now that I’m earning some money for a small part time job, I want to try and build up my collection even futher.


Starting off we have the face products. I have my Smashbox photo finish primer – Bemish control. I talked more about this in my last post. I also have my Smashbox high defination concealer which is amazing, I use this with out a foundation and it works just the same. I also have a Rimmel BB cream and the wake me up concealer, both I uses now and again by not all that often.


For powders,blush and contour. I have three at presents, my powder in the Seventeen miracle matte pressed powder which is lovely because I find it doesn’t cake on my skin. My blush trio is the BC Beauty Blush which is excellent for anybody who is looking for a first time blush set. My contour palette is from Smashbox, I love this I got it for my birthday and I’ve fallen in love with it. I definalty recommend!


Eyes and Eyebrows next, and I have one smaller a palette which I brough called Bronze queen, I’ve used it so much that the name has worn off it however, its excellent first pallete for people on a lower buget (it was my first). For mascara I have two the Rimmel Super Cur;er 24hr mascara and the Maybelline Lash sensational, both are a dream and I’ve used both equally and they really are two of my top mascara’s at the moment. Finally, for my eyebrows I am using the Miss Sporty eye brow pencil in the colour 002 brown. I find that this is a great first eye brow pencil for anybody wanting to start off wearing makeup.


Finally for the lips. Now I really don’t have a certain colour for my lips that I normally go for. Right now my collection is small and I have got two Tanya Burr lipglosses, one from her christmas range sugar and spice, while the other is from her first collection and is a redish tone called Vampire kiss. I wera the sugar and spice gloss on a daliy bases while the vampire kiss I occasionally wear on a night out. I have two Lip sticks right now, I have a coral one from W7 called peach blossom, I brought for summer last year and loved it by now I’m not a huge fan. And the other is a smashbox lipstick in the colour posy pink and this is a go to for me. It’s a natural colour and great if I’m looking for a pinky lip on an evening out.

So there you have it, my current collection at the moment not the biggests but I am hoping to get more product to try, review and add to my collection.

Abbie xxx

The Beginning Of My Favourite Series

Hi everybody, now I know I’ve been alittle bit lazy and haven’t been blogging, but I’ve decided a few things now about this blog. I am hopfully going to be uploading onto here every Sunday at 19:00pm, so that I am uploading for you guys hopefully every week.

Anyway this week I thought I would teel you about some my favourites, now I wanted to make this a regulary feature to my blog (like my monthly favourites) but since we are at the start of June and I can’t really do my June favourites I thought I might as well do a favourites post – full time – if you get what I am trying to say.


So to start off with my all time favourite book series is Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. I read these books and fell head over heels for the characters, Jace, Clary, Isabelle ect. I would definalty recommend you guys reading this series if you haven’t already.



Makeup wise, one of my favourite products has to be the smashbox photo finish primer – bemish control. This has worked wonders for my skin and has changed the way my makeup looks and last. Also, from smashbox my all time favorite concealer has to be the High Definition concealer in the colour light. I can’t tell you how much I love this product, its expensive but totally worth the money if like me you have ance prone skin.


One of my all time favourite perfumes has to be the Ted Baker Lyla. Now I had this as a gift off one of my closest freinds for my brithday and I love it so much. I love it so much that I’ve run out and need to by some more. The packaging is beautiful with the rose gold colour – its absoultey stunning, I think this is going to be my signature perfume.


As well as spending loads of my time on social media and blogging, I do love watching films and TV. I am obessed with Harry Potter and The Vampire diaries so much so that I brough the box set. There is nothing better than sitting at home with a cup of tea and watching these amazing films and programmes when all you feel like doing is cwtching up.

Abbie xx

Get to Know Me

Hi, hope your all okay? So lately I have been wondering what I could blog about for my secodn post and I thought it would be quite alright for you to get to know me better. So… I spoke to a few people and they came up with 15 questions that they thought you might want to know.


So here is my blog style Q&A!


What’s your middle name? – I don’t really have a middle name becasue I use Abbie – Louise as my first name.

What’s your favourite colour? – I have too Blue and Red

What are some of your top reads? – I have to say The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare, Harry Potter by J.K Rowling , Twlight saga by Stephenie Meyer, Girl Online by Zoe Sugg and The Trylle triology by Amanda Hocking.

Do you have any siblings? – Yes 1, a sister

What is your favourite film? – Has to be Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix.

Can you speak any other languages? – I can speak some welsh as I have learn it in school and I have learnt a small (very small) amount of french.

Who are some of your favourite youtubers? – Zoella, PointlessBlog,  Tanya Burr, Jim Chapman,  ThatcherJoe, Casper Lee, LaurDIY and… the list is endless!

What subjects do you enjoy in school? – Art and Graphic Design mainly

What is your favourite food right now? – anything involving pasta

Do you do any sport? – I am a rhythmic gymnsast currently, but I used to swim for a club when I was younger

What do you enjoy watching on TV? – Eastenders, but also Vampire Diaries and Shadowhunters

What do you want to do when your older? – I hope to do something within the creative industry

What did you do for your last birthday? – My parents organized a surprize party

Starbucks or Costa? – Starbucks

Which do enjoy to watch/read most blogs or vlogs? – Both, love them equally!


The First One


Summer, a time where most teens are always out and about trying new things. Well I am exactly the same.  I thought I should probably start off my first blog post by giving you an insight into what I want my blog to be like.

I love taking photographs so they are going to be a massive part of this blog. I’m hoping to try loads of new things this summer like going on holiday with family, going away hopefully with friends so the holiday photos are going to be endless.

My school prom is also happening pretty soon and I really would love to blog about it, almost like a little get ready with me type post. I love makeup, hair and beauty so there is going to be a few post about new products and hairstyles I like.

My other passion is DIY’s, now this is one of the new things I am trying out this summer I am hopeing that I am able to attempt a few different DIY’s Ive seen on pintrest and youtube so be prepared for DIY with me posts.

Finally, I just want to blog about everything and anything in general, so there could be literally anything on this blog.

I hope this has given you a huge insight into what I want my blog to become, hopefully I’ll be back with another blog post soon.

Abbie xxx